About Numrah

We are a company which is specialized in developing social network mobile applications, with more than 30 Million/month of chatting experiences from multiple mobile applications, we strive for building better features and delivering quality mobile applications to our users across the globe.

About the Digital Marketing Manager position

The Digital Marketing Manager develops, implements, tracks, and optimizes digital marketing campaigns across all digital channels. You should have a strong grasp of concepts regarding marketing tools, strategies, and integrated digital marketing campaigns. You should be able to lead a digital marketing campaign from conception to full execution. The Digital Marketing manager ensures that campaigns launch on time, and within budget. You will work with a variety of other teams including marketing, programmers, and vendors.

Digital Marketing Manager responsibilities are:

  • Plan and execute all web, SEO/SEM, marketing database, email, social media, and display advertising campaigns.

  • ASO/SEO optimization and monitoring

  • Recruiting marketing interns, coop, and junior positions related to digital marketing

  • Design, create and maintain a social media presence.

  • Measure and report on digital marketing campaign performance, and assess these against goals such as ROI and KPIs.

  • Optimize spend and performance based on trend insights.

  • Brainstorm new creative growth strategies.

  • Plan, execute and measure experiments and conversion tests.

  • Create landing pages and optimize user experience by collaborating with internal teams

  • Evaluate end-to-end customer experience using the analytical ability, looking across multiple channels.

  • Instrument conversion points and optimizes user funnels

  • Evaluate emergent technologies; provide thought leadership; provide perspective for adoption when appropriate.
  • Basically, you will be responsible for any digital marketing activities.

Digital Marketing Manager requirements are:

  • 4+ years of digital marketing experiance
  • Experience working with popular Self-attributing networks (Snap, FB, TikTok...etc)
  • Experience working with MMP
  • Have had experience in achieving medium-scale organic growth in one of his previous job experience